Washing your Clothes

Estuary Laundry Soap

When our skin is upset and erupted, keeping our clothes clean is of utmost importance. This subject should receive your particular consideration. Over the past few decades, there have been claims made that your clothes can be sparkling clean and fresh using only cold water washing. If your body doesn’t produce oils or sweat or if it maintains a much lower temperature than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, cold water for the wash cycle may work well for you. For those of us that don’t fall under those parameters, hot water for washing and rinsing clothes, bed linens and bath towels is essential. Our recent ancestors devoted an entire day for washing clothes. They had large kettles set atop wood fires to boil water that had to be ferried to the wash tubs. This monumental workload was not undertaken so they may look nice while working on the farm; it was done to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and any other disease-causing agents that were lurking in the soiled laundry. They may have been unable to identify and name the actual sources of illnesses, but they were unquestionably aware of the consequences of unclean clothing and linens. Fast forward to the present, knowledgeable, bunch that we are now:  large numbers of consumers are being led to believe that cold-water washing is how it should be done. If you have tried cold water washing for a time, you will have noticed an odor in your clothes as soon as any physical exertion in a warm environment begins; you have probably cultivated a thriving colony of bacteria in those clothes. If you or yours have had red bumps, pimple-like pustules, or maybe boils in the nether regions, it is possible you are cultivating Staphylococcus bacteria which may remain and multiply on improperly cleaned clothes (and on improperly cleaned skin). If at all possible, please use the hottest water and the longest wash time available. One other important step for those of us with discontented skin is to use an additional rinse cycle; the extra effort could be key in your skin recuperating. This information is included in the Estuary Skincare website as a helpful reminder to consumers as to why it is important to properly clean your clothes and, as always, to move toward the end goal of using Estuary Skincare to restore your healthy skin. If your skin is not as healthy as you would like it to be, please read about Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap.”

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