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I began making and using my own skin care products over twenty years ago, starting with my Estuary Skincare Benefic Soap. I developed the formula after teaching myself how to make soap. The catalyst for making my own soap was utter dissatisfaction with any of the available skin care products. All that was promised by the makers of anything I purchased either worsened, or was of no use to, my ruddy complexion which was stippled with small bumps and broken capillaries. I had to have something better, so I made it myself. I have swept the spectrum of experimenting with and producing natural products for sensitive skin over the years and have found that the simplest formulations using the highest quality ingredients is not only the very best preparation for weakened, upset skin, but is also the greatest value for the money spent. I would like to share my small family of wholesome, fresh products with you, along with the highest expectations of soothing, cleaning, and calming your skin.

Kathy Buchanan, Estuary Skincare

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