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Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap is included in our family of skincare products because of the importance of clean, fresh, clothes that aren’t riddled with skin damaging, fragrance components of unknown origin and quality, and equally, for the gentleness of the formulation upon the skin and clothes. Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap is the solution to commercially blended, sulfated detergents, which are composed primarily of hydrocarbon-based surfactants, the ingredients of which are not disclosed to the consumer. Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap is a very simple blend of clean, naturally fragrance-free safflower oil blended with coconut oil. The safflower oil guarantees softness and the natural coconut oil is an exceptional dirt and grime remover, that works even in hard water. It should be used in amounts directed by the manufacturer of your washing machine. Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap should be used for your baby’s clothes, blankets, and bed linens. Please don’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets; their tender skin really doesn’t need to be subjected those types of chemicals. The cost of Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap is as low as it can be. The price of natural oils seems to always be rising. It is being offered because it is needed by so many people that cannot tolerate detergents. If the price is prohibitive for your budget, use it only for underclothes, bed linens, and maybe towels, if you can manage that; use the standard detergents for coats, jackets, table linens, rugs, etc.

As with all Estuary Skincare products, there are no dyes nor added fragrance in Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap.

The special formula for Estuary Skincare Laundry Soap was achieved through years of testing for the optimal mix of proper oils for an effective, but softening laundry soap. The distinctive combination of primarily safflower oil with the addition of small amounts of coconut oil has proven to be the best blend for especially sensitive skin. The gentleness of safflower oil in the soap results in extremely soft, supple clothing, bed linens, and towels. The addition of coconut oil makes for a soap that works well in hard water. The humectant glycerin, a natural by-product of true soap, boosts the softness factor. There is no need for dryer sheets, nor fabric softener, which simply adds petroleum components and extreme amounts of chemical fragrance, both of which are very poor choices for persons wanting healthy skin. Highly recommended for baby clothes. Perfect for wools and silks, cold water, hand wash, of course. It can be used in amounts recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine.

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